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"Muy buen producto"
by Diegonet, Argentina, deep focus

"Well thought out and programmed app"
by Drainedbrain, USA, GPS memo

"Bem pratico"
by Claudio K., Brazil, deep focus

"Great, helped me a lot and Free"
by Flying Frigo, Belgium, deep focus

"Gostei muito, bom app"
by Pebilbao, Brazil, GPS memo

by 61pmott, Italy, GPS memo

"This App is Just Great"
by Neuhaus_g, Luxemburg, GPS memo

"Ausgesprochen nützliches Tool"
by Ingo B., Germany, GPS memo

"Simple et pratique"
by Chris_33, France, GPS memo

"Sehr empfehlenswert"
by avalon20, Germany, Sun & Moon

"Really good, simple, easy to use"
by Drainedbrain, USA, GPS memo

"Just what I needed"
by Ghcfyjbgj, USA, GPS memo

"Best app of this kind that I have ever used"
by CJV2, USA, GPS memo

"Gute App"
by Knight6181, Germany, XBMC Music

"I like it"
by ClearKaren, Thailand, GPS memo

"Very handy and very clear"
by Flying Frigo, Belgium, deep focus

"Very Accurate"
by CJV2, USA, GPS memo


GPS Memo

Save your location, to find it later - regardless it it's a cafe, shop, your campsite or your car

Sun & Moon

Where is the sun? How high will it be? When will it be on my balcony?

me is here

Share your view with anybody! Simply take a picture and upload it to facebook, twitter or via email.

more Apps

Looking for more Apps? There are some more in my portfolio